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Terms and Conditions

* The account you will open with the authorized brokerage house and the transactions to be made through this account will be carried out through the trader platform.

* Leveraged assets and derivatives trading transactions are risky. Due to the leverage effect, it should always be considered that trading with low collateral may work in favor of the market as well as against it, and in this sense, the leverage effect may provide you with high gains as well as cause high losses. As a result of adverse price movements, you may lose all of the money you have invested in the brokerage firm. Therefore, allocate only the portion of your savings that you can afford to lose for these transactions. Do not trust high returns promises.

* Leveraged asset trading and derivative transactions such as futures contracts, stock market options, CFDs, over-the-counter currency options and forward transactions carry a high degree of risk. The initial margin may be small compared to the contract value of the derivative transaction; so trades are “leveraged”. Therefore, a relatively small market movement will have a proportionally greater impact on the funds you have or will have to deposit. This can work in your favor as well as against you. Due to the price movements, you may completely lose the initial margin amounts and the collateral you have in your account to protect your position, or more.

* Authorized institutions may be making improvements in the personal rights of their employees according to the transaction collateral amounts deposited in the accounts of the customers they are responsible for, the increase in these collateral amounts and similar criteria. Therefore, there may be a conflict of interest between the Investment Institution employee and the client. The Client should always consider this conflict of interest in his communication with the Investment Institution employees.

* In leveraged asset and derivative instrument trading, the Investment Institution is the counterparty to the transaction. With these transactions, the Investment Institution is in the position of seller against the buyer and buyer against the seller, and due to the nature of the service provided, the cases where the customer incurs a loss will result in the Investment Institution earning a profit.

* In leveraged asset and derivative instrument trading, you must have an initial collateral to constitute the collateral for each position you have opened or wish to open. Initial margin and maintenance margin will be applied within the rates specified in the framework agreement you will make with the Intermediary Institution, and if you fall below the maintenance margin, the Intermediary Institution is authorized to close the positions in the account.

* You should take into account that the information that the brokerage house will convey to you regarding the transactions you will make and the recommendations it will make may be incomplete and in need of verification.

* It should be taken into account that the technical and fundamental analysis to be made by the brokerage house personnel regarding leveraged asset and derivative instrument trading may differ from person to person, and that the predictions made in these analyzes may not come true.

* The order you have given regarding leveraged asset and derivative instrument transactions may be canceled or the price at which the order will be executed may be changed if the position of the Intermediary Institution taken for hedging purposes at another institution regarding the said order is canceled by the other party or its price changes.

* It should be known that in transactions made in non-TL currency, in addition to the risks listed above, there is exchange rate risk, there may be a loss of value in Turkish Lira due to currency fluctuations, governments may restrict foreign capital and trading movements, additional and/or new taxes may be imposed, and purchase and sale transactions may not be realized on time.

* The parity prices and “spreads” offered to you in leveraged asset and derivative instrument trading may not reflect the best price situation. You should also check the prices of other institutions.

* You should consider that the brokerage house cannot guarantee that you will not incur losses as a result of leveraged asset and derivative instrument trading, that your loss will be kept under control, or that additional collateral will be called in case of loss.

* Before starting the transactions, you should get confirmation from your authorized institution about all commissions and other transaction fees that you will be liable for. If the fees are not expressed in monetary terms, you should request a written explanation with clear examples of how they will affect you.

* Stop Loss orders (conditional buy, conditional sell or stop loss) can be executed at a price against the INVESTOR instead of the limit price determined by the INVESTOR on the Electronic trading platform. It should be taken into account that such orders may be executed at the current market price at the moment when there is important news and data flow at the market opening, and also in case of spread opening and / or price gaps that may occur due to the decrease in liquidity.

* Your trades that are open on Friday evening when the markets are closing may open with a negative value due to sudden price changes (GAP) when the market reopens on Sunday, thus injuring you.

* In cases where the difference (spread) between the buying and selling prices is widened, it should be known that even if you have taken the reverse position of the open positions in your portfolio, the collateral you have deposited may become insufficient and your positions may be liquidated (closed by the system) by reaching the stop out level. Open positions cannot be closed by reverse trading as in other markets. Taking a reverse position will normally help you temporarily postpone the need for margin completion. However, this should not be seen as a permanent remedy for the sustainability of your transactions.

* Compatible with iphone, ipad, android etc. Considering that there may be connection problems in transactions carried out on mobile trading platforms and other electronic trading platforms, it is your responsibility to control whether these transactions are reflected on the Electronic trading platform.

* Orders transmitted on the electronic trading platform may not be realized at the prices requested due to the sharp price movements that may occur in the market, especially in periods when the liquidity in the market is low, during the opening and closing hours of the markets, on the days and hours when the domestic / foreign markets are on holidays, at the moments when there is important news and data flow in the markets, or It should be known that there may be changes in transaction prices due to the volatility that may occur in case of an unusual development during the day, and this change may be to your advantage or to your detriment.

* Kuveyt Menkul Degerler Ltd. by secondary parties in the individual accounts of the investors. Even with the knowledge of the account owner without permission, it is inappropriate for secondary parties to access the account, and their transactions and transactions will be deemed invalid and these transactions will be considered as unfair trades. Likewise, these conditions are valid if the account is logged in from two different IP addresses.

* Leveraged asset and derivatives trading is not suitable for every investor. Do not believe the advertisements and promises of high returns of individuals and institutions that claim to make a lot of money from these transactions and that you can too.

* Do not trust or give credit to third parties who introduce themselves as Kuveyt Menkul Degerler Ltd.'s personnel. Your transactions are strictly controlled by Kuveyt Menkul Degerler Ltd. Execute it through authorized personnel of . Due to pecuniary and moral damages caused by persons who are not employees of Kuveyt Menkul Degerler Ltd., Kuveyt Menkul Degerler Ltd. will not accept any responsibility.

* If the position limit determined on account and firm basis by the Exchange or Investment Institution where the derivative instrument is traded is reached, the orders you will give, except for closing your position, may not be executed in the market.

* When the price movements in the market develop against the Position you have taken, your account may be designated as a 'risk account' by the Exchange where the derivative instrument is traded. In this case, passive order entry may not be possible.

* You can find detailed information on all kinds of fees, expenses, spreads and commission amounts and/or rates regarding leveraged asset derivatives trading at Kuveyt Menkul Degerler Ltd. on our Kuveyt Menkul Degerler Ltd. website. Kuveyt Menkul Degerler Ltd. It does not accept physical cash from the Customer under any circumstances. The guarantees to be sent by the customer will be accepted through the bank via EFT, money order or virman. Therefore, the Customer cannot give cash in hand to personnel or third parties to be deposited into his account.

* Kuveyt Menkul Degerler Ltd.; reserves the right to change leverage ratios.

* Kuveyt Menkul Degerler Ltd.; reserves the right to change swap rates.

* Kuveyt Menkul Degerler Ltd. Anyone who creates an account is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

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